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Sometimes it can be hard getting up in the morning, especially if your job is to wake up (literally and consciously) and produce clickable, provocative, enlightening, relevant, visually evocative content about sustainable design, travel, culture and ideas. We love it, no doubt, especially when our brain machines finally kick in with a mighty roar. But like some rely on coffee to get their motors running, we rely on inspiration. Lots of it. Mug after mug, after mug.

Funny how the topic of coffee can segue into just about anything. From A Cup of Jo with Design Milk to a Bloesem of Freshome air, here are twenty websites we mainline for design news, ideas, eye candy, expertise and – straight from the tap – inspiration.

A Cup of Jo

If you’re not a reader already, you should be. Joanna Goddard’s lifestyle blog covers fashion, babies, motherhood, weddings and design in a way that’s both beautiful to behold and approachable to enjoy



Founder and Editor Holly Becker is a best-selling author and interior design consultant who ditched her 9-to-5 to live a life more beautiful.

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Improve the Mood of Your Home with These 9 Tips

homeStudies have proven that other people’s moods can be contagious. Whether we spend time with someone who is happy or feeling blue, we often mirror their frame of mind without even noticing it. Research shows that our homes can have a similar effect on how we feel. From what colours to paint our walls, to the power of fresh flowers, here are some tips on how to make our home happier, according to science.

1. Vanilla candles

If lighting a candle at home after a stressful day brings you comfort, there’s a very good reason. A Chemical Senses study has found that scents from candles (particularly vanilla beans) lift our mood and can have a major effect on our overall happiness.

2. A journal

Physical exercise is known to lift our mood and help improve our overall wellbeing. However, research published in Psychological Science found that exercising our mental health by writing in a journal can be just as rewarding. It doesn’t just contribute to our present, but also helps improve our future mood.

3. Furry friends

Have you ever noticed that you feel better when spend time with your pet? Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pets provide meaningful support for owners, helping them with social isolation and ultimately improving the quality of their lives.

4. Fresh flowers

Buying flowers for the home may sometimes feel like a waste of money, however, research conducted by Rutgers dsicovered that not only do flowers brighten up your home, they also trigger happy emotions and heighten feelings of life satisfaction.

5. Sentimental photos

A study at the University of Portsmouth found that looking through old photos encourages positive feelings and creates a sense of calmn. And no, we’re not talking about the photos on your Facebook or Instagram feed – we’re talking about printed and framed photos displayed around your home.

6. Flora scents

As noted in point No. 1, scents can boost our sense of happiness. According to the Association for Psychological Science, scent receptors in our nose are linked to the part of our brain that determines our emotions. But this doesn’t stop at just vanilla candles, perfumes and air fresheners, even the smell of a flower bud has also been found to do the trick.

7. Green or yellow walls

Out of all the colours that we can choose to paint our walls, a study from Vrije University in Amsterdam found that using either green and yellow can evoke the most happy vibes. Of course this doesn’t have to mean all walls, in fact a single feature wall in these tones can be more than enough to lift the mood of any given space within the home.

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Save money, save time… Use the best espresso machines in 2016

coffeeDo you love coffee but are tired of visiting your favorite coffee shop every morning, probably because you want to save some money or some time? Get yourself one of the best espresso machines 2016, brew your own coffee any way you like it. To help you choose from the wide variety of brands and models out there, we have prepared a list of a few of our favorite espresso makers.

The first one on the list is, Nespresso Inissia. If one of the reasons for wanting an espresso machine in your kitchen is to save time, then this one is for you. It has features like faster pre-heating- we are talking about a quick preheat time of about 30 seconds, and build-in milk frothing. The machine also automatically switches off after idling for a set number of seconds or minutes.

Gaggia Classic Espresso machine. This one is best for most beginners because it’s a fully featured machine that will guide you itself. It comes with heavy-duty brass components, stainless steel housing, this can only mean one thing, yes, you got that right, it’s a long lasting machine. there is also good news for those who love not only coffee but tea also, this machine comes a hot-water dispenser for making tea. Are you smiling tea lovers?

Jura ENA Micro 1. If you are looking for something small in size, that fits in your kitchen counter, but also makes the best coffee, maybe even better than Starbucks, here is one for you. It’s unit’s aroma preservation technology keeps your coffee beans fresh for long. Has an automatic energy-saving mode and a zero-energy switch that helps limit energy consumption but ensures high energy efficiency.

That was all we had for you for today. It good to not that the above espresso machines cost either a bit lower that $100, or slightly higher, nothing too expensive. it’s all pocket friendly.