Shelter and Design Blogs for Inspiration


Sometimes it can be hard getting up in the morning, especially if your job is to wake up (literally and consciously) and produce clickable, provocative, enlightening, relevant, visually evocative content about sustainable design, travel, culture and ideas. We love it, no doubt, especially when our brain machines finally kick in with a mighty roar. But like some rely on coffee to get their motors running, we rely on inspiration. Lots of it. Mug after mug, after mug.

Funny how the topic of coffee can segue into just about anything. From A Cup of Jo with Design Milk to a Bloesem of Freshome air, here are twenty websites we mainline for design news, ideas, eye candy, expertise and – straight from the tap – inspiration.

A Cup of Jo

If you’re not a reader already, you should be. Joanna Goddard’s lifestyle blog covers fashion, babies, motherhood, weddings and design in a way that’s both beautiful to behold and approachable to enjoy



Founder and Editor Holly Becker is a best-selling author and interior design consultant who ditched her 9-to-5 to live a life more beautiful.

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